Michael Freeman

Assistant Professor in Technology & Operations Management @ INSEAD

Welcome to my personal research site, where I share my ongoing research (specific articles can be accessed from the sidebar) and work, and where you can find out more about me. My research is broadly in the area of Operations Management with a focus on empirical health care operations.

Why health care operations management?

For more than a century, better nutrition and innovation in hygiene and health care have led to a steady increase in life expectancy by three months per annum. In the wake of this phenomenal progress, the health care industry has become one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries, consuming nearly 10% of world and over 17% of US GDP. However, the industry has become a victim of its own success and, as a result, faces a formidable challenge: The people that it saves will rarely lead healthy lives but instead live with a host of chronic conditions. These conditions need to be managed over many years, leading to cost increases far in excess of income growth. To make matters worse, as the proportion of people of working age shrinks, it is difficult to see how tax and insurance contributions can grow to cover the costs of care for an increasingly acute and elderly population. For healthcare to continue its success story it thus faces a fundamental challenge: how to continue improving clinical outcomes while controlling costs? Achieving this will require re-evaluating and transforming systems and processes of health care delivery. It is this challenge that I engage with as an operations academic.

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You can also reach me at michael.3829freeman@inseakd.edu. I am especially interested in hearing from organizations - especially those working in the health sector - on opportunities to collaborate on projects of mutual interest.

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