Michael Freeman is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in the Operations Management group at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. His research is broadly in the area of Operations Management, with a focus on empirical healthcare and service operations. Working closely with hospital partners, Michael investigates how healthcare organizations can improve service quality and increase productivity by better coordinating care delivery. In his previous and ongoing research, he has examined the impact of factors such as congestion, complexity and uncertainty, and staff behavior on system performance and service outcomes such as quality and costs. As an expert in econometric methods, he regularly adopts a data-driven approach in order to help organizations to better manage and make better informed strategic decisions.

Michael holds an MPhil degree in Management Science and Operations from the University of Cambridge and a BA and Masters in Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics and Economics from Warwick University. His Ph.D. research at Cambridge is fully funded by an Economic and Social Research Council DTC scholarship, and he has been awarded further research grants by the Cambridge Centre for Health Leadership and Enterprise, Cambridge Judge Business School, the Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund, and Robinson College. He is supervised internally by Prof. Stefan Scholtes and externally by Prof. Nicos Savva of London Business School. Michael’s work has appeared in Management Science, and he acts as an ad-hoc reviewer for the journals Manufacturing and Service Operations Management and Production and Operations Management.

Michael has co-lectured for the MA and MPhil courses ‘Econometrics I’ and ‘Econometrics II’ at Cambridge Judge Business School, where he has also served as a teaching associate for various programmes. Michael is currently a teaching assistant for London Business School’s Dubai EMBA core course ‘Data Analytics for Management’ and for the London MBA core course ‘Data, Models and Decisions.’ With experience in teaching statistics, data analytics and simulation for management, and with strong quantitative training and relevant research experience, Michael is particularly familiar with teaching undergraduate, graduate and MBA courses in business analytics and statistical methods.

Michael has worked with a number of organizations prior to and during his doctoral studies, and his research investigates problems inspired by and of importance to industry partners, as well as the academic community. During his MPhil studies, Michael consulted with the global retailer Tesco on an inventory management system designed to improve the ordering of seasonal products, which formed the basis of his MPhil dissertation and increased his familiarity with core Operations Management principles. He also spent six months out of his doctoral studies at the UK’s National Statistics Agency where he worked on improving measures of health and education productivity using large, national datasets. Much of the inspiration for his current research has come from time spent working in hospitals (including most recently a six-month placement with the strategy division of Cambridge University Hospitals, from April to September 2016), where he continues to meet regularly with senior management and clinical staff in order to discuss, advise on, and explore research opportunities relating to their ongoing strategic challenges.


I would love to hear from you if you would like to find out more about my research, to discuss shared interests, to collaborate on research projects, or for any other reason. My contact details are as follows:

         Attn: Michael Freeman
         Judge Business School
         Trumpington Street
         Cambridge CB2 1AG
         United Kingdom

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