Research interests

Management of health care organizations; Service operations management for health service delivery; Empirical and data-driven operations management; Worker behavior and behavioral operations; Hospital productivity and health economics; Econometric methods.

Research overview

My research is, broadly, empirical in approach and focuses on topics in health care operations management. I investigate in particular how hospitals – described by Clayton Christensen as “some of the most managerially intractable institutions in the annals of capitalism” – are affected both operationally and financially by the tremendous variability and uncertainty in patients’ service needs, and propose ways to better manage the resultant complexity. To this end, I currently have three papers on this topic (available below). The first, accepted at Management Science, shows that health care access varies depending on the workload of the service provider, with service complexity moderating this relationship. The second, in preparation for resubmission to Management Science, investigates the productivity implications of treating together patients with different levels of urgency and clinical need, finding benefits of greater specialization for planned care and pooling for emergent care. The third, resubmitted to Management Science, examines the impact on routing decisions when diagnostic uncertainty is high and decision-makers are risk averse and explores a mechanism that can be employed to reduce variability in service delivery.

Papers in peer reviewed journals

[1] Gatekeepers at Work: An Empirical Analysis of a Maternity Unit, with Nicos Savva and Stefan Scholtes. Management Science, Articles in Advance.  (link)
   —  An earlier version of this paper was a finalist for the 2014 Pierskalla Award.

Papers under review / working papers

[2] Economies of Scale and Scope in Hospitals: An Empirical Study of Volume Spillovers Across Hospital Services, with Nicos Savva and Stefan Scholtes. Major revision at Management Science. (link)
   —  First Prize for the 2016 MSOM Student Paper Competition.

[3] Gatekeeping Under Congestion: An Empirical Study of Referral Errors in the Emergency Department, with Stefan Scholtes. Major revision at Management Science. (link)

[4] Fat-Tails in Hospital Costs: Evidence and Implications for Tariff-Based Compensation System, with Paul Kattuman and Stefan Scholtes. Work-in-progress.

Please let me know if you would like a copy of any manuscripts when they become available

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